Nano Coatings

Nano coatings are used to impart a particular chemical or physical function to a surface

Nanocoatings emit much lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than traditional polymer coatings, which has been in increased demand. They’re particularly useful in contexts where there are strict VOC limits. Since Nano coatings are so thin, they’re also transparent to the naked eye. That’s a huge potential to products where aesthetics come into play. They can even be used to extend the life of a product’s color or gloss.

A surface is not simply the physical division between an object and its environment; it fulfils a range of functions of its own which often play a crucial part in product design.

Nano coating can be applied to a wide variety of substrates and bond chemically with non-porous surfaces. For example, they work with metals, ceramics, plastics, wood, concrete, glass, fabric, and polymers.

Nanocoatings offer significant benefits for applications in the aerospace, defense, medical, marine, construction, architectural, and oil industries. Surfaces are supposed to feel good when touched to the touch and to look good for as long as possible, be easy to maintain and not be spoiled by dirt, water stains or finger marksetc. They can provide self-cleaning properties, as well as resistance to water, static, oil, scratches, bacteria, corrosion, fungus, friction, UV rays, anti-graffiti and more. 


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