Liquid Chrome Coatings

Liquid chrome coating can offer truly unique surface decorating products to virtually every industry. Our Chrome spray coating is the market leader.

Liquid chrome shine is the same level of gloss as real chrome. So it can repair chrome as well. This will not fade for many years. Base coat is of 70% solids and it will shine like real chrome even without top coat real chrome and very easy to use.

Our chrome coating can be used on any surface such as metals, plastics, wood, foams etc. From trim pieces and logos to full blown custom paintjobs the possibilities are endless can be used to touch up real chrome too!…

Chrome coating can be applied with any standard spray gun, no special equipment needed.

We have various finishes
1. COLORED Liquid chrome
2. WORLD’S FIRST 5-COLOR CHAMELEON ON CHROME BASE It is a mirror like substance topped with a 5-color Chameleon the colors travel with your eyes and position. It must be used with our base coats. 5 colors are visible in our coating: Blue, Gold, Magenta, Green, and Deep purple.

3. Reflective Paint Coating Technology ( Mirror Chrome)

4. Ghost Chrome Coating Metallic Paint produces the most realistic Metallic Paints finishes available anywhere. Also available in an easy to use aerosol spray, anyone can reproduce the authentic look of real metal in minutes. Coating contains the smallest particle makeup of any metallic coating available. These extra small particles allow for a perfect orientation on the surface giving you the truest metal looks of any metallic paint available today.
5. Mirror chrome and Candies This product brings together 2 of our hottest products. We take it a step further with Sprayable COLORED Chrome. You’ll experience FAST turnaround time and flashes off within seconds, reducing your application time drastically. It can also be top coated almost immediately with no need to wait. With the candy “built-in” you can achieve even color every time without striping or blotch

6. Multi Chrome
Our creation brings you the best of both effects. Spray chrome is combined with an intense prismatic color change effect. Simply dust this coating over a polished surface and watch it come to life. When viewed from one angle you will be able to see just the chrome but when the angle of view is changed it will result in a prismatic color burst, UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU HAVE EVER SEEN.

7. Killer Chrome coating This is simply the finest ground metallic pigment available anywhere. This assures a mirror-like finish every time.