About Us

Aotearo is globally recognized decorative coating company located in southern India. Our branded products are with top quality, industry expertise efficient processes offering unmatched reliability and unique solutions with the very best technology. We develop and produce a wide range of architectural decorative products and finishes.

Our products are recognized as outstanding in terms of our modern concept and sustainability created beyond imagination and with the uniqueness for combining design and pattern that makes our work in a class of its own, as each work is the unique expression of our passion for the decorative finishes.

We evolve the technology with our regional distributors / applicators in Indian states and middle-east and far-east by allowing them to create bespoke finishes. We are committed to helping our customers to learn how to bring out the best with our coating systems. In an industry that’s all about quality products, we value relationships above all.

Where ever you are, we provide the technology which achieves results exceeding expectation and create success.

With creative solutions, quality product and total client satisfaction we welcome you to join hands with us and learn how we can make our product leadership to work for you.